OUCC - Oregon Utilities Coordinating Council

Dig Safely About Us Statement of Purpose
The Oregon Utilities Coordinating Council (OUCC) is dedicated to promoting organized planning and installation of underground facilities as well as protecting those substructures once placed.

The Oregon chapter is comprised of delegates selected from local coordinating councils throughout the State. The purpose and goal of the councils, both state and local, is to encourage utilities, public agencies, contractors and others in Oregon to coordinate underground installations and to develop and implement measures to protect them.

Because the local councils consist of volunteers from many diversified occupations, those selected to represent the State Council are able to offer a broad spectrum of experience in the operation and supervision of substructure activities. Their consensus opinions have been used to establish uniform guidelines intended to produce the greatest possible benefits for all concerned.

To achieve a wide distribution of delegates’ conclusions, this Standards Manual has been developed. It is hoped the acceptance and application of these Oregon Administrative Rules and OUCC Council recommendations will improve the planning and protection of underground facilities.
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